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DIgital Diary, 2023

Genre: Fiction

Title: Co- Writer


18-year-old Anton hangs out with thugs who steal cell phones and blackmail their owners. But when Anton gets a hold of Meitar's phone, he becomes obsessed with the world she has compulsively recorded.

Film festivals: 

Jerusalem Film Festival

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

Poitiers Film Festival

BIFF Berkshire Film Festival, MA

Early Bird

Tbilisi International Film Festival

By Enrico Robusti.jpeg

Enrico Robusti

Don’t Watch P0rn Without Me, 2024

Genre: Drama

Title: Co-Writer, Co-Star

Pre Production (August 2024)


Molly discovers that her husband, Dave, has
been secretly watching gay porn.
Instead of feeling betrayed, Molly sees
it as an opportunity to help Dave
embrace his repressed desires. She
arranges for Adam to join them and initiate Dave
into new sexual experiences. What
seems like an open-minded journey of
self-discovery for the couple reveals
deeper motivations of internalized
shame, validation, and fears of
abandonment simmering beneath.

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