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Keshet Pratt is a New York-based actor, screenwriter and dancer. She received an official distinction of Excellence in the Performing Arts and danced professionally with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, featuring in music videos and films.


After moving to New York City, she joined the T.Shriber Acting Studio's one-year conservatory program. Keshet then graduated from Pace University with a BFA in Acting and a minor in Dance. Her screenwriting talents shine in 'Digital Diary' (2023), which was officially selected for film festivals across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and New York. Her diverse artistic background, combined with a disciplined work ethic from her professional dance career and military service, fuels her passion for collaborative storytelling on stage and screen.


She's the co-writer and co-star of the upcoming film 'Don't Watch Porn Without Me' (2024).

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